Japanese Cooking?

Based on a discussion with some of my students, I’ve tried a Japanese style dish. The format is similar to curry, in that you boil vegetables, stock, and optionally meat together, then eat it with rice.

The difference is that instead of curry powder or stock, you use miso paste and soy sauce to add taste. My students also said I should sweeten it with sugar, but I don’t have any. They also said to add sake, but again I don’t have any so I’m using shochu instead.

So in a little water I’m boiling some curry type vegetables, in this case yams, carrots, and onions, all diced. Mixed in some miso and soy sauce, and I’m poaching a couple eggs as well for extra calories. Fried thinly sliced meat in miso paste and soy sauce to top it off.

Served on a base of rice with pickled shallots and kimchi (spicy Korean sauerkraut) to add a bit of sourness.

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